During the agency competiton for the Croatian Postal Bank web page redesign considering the mere informational structure of the page as well as the visual elements, we created an innovative concept completely adjusted to users and presentational and informational bank needs.


‘Over the fold’

Within the initial contact with the page users are presented the most important informations about the bank, funcionalities most frequently used online and menu of remaining relevant informations. Aside from that, already with the first contact with the page, users were shown suggestions of what their interest might be. We thought that with this approach we could easen up organization, and alongside with that, users journey through the site.



User experience

Having in mind that ebanking is one of the most important reasons why users visit the website, log in option should be reachable on the simplest, fastest way possible. And because of that we put it right on the top of the site.



The subcategories of clients services, which were originally formed as individual sites, are grouped at three main categories, visually presented with icons and description with a possibility of choosing a category users needs.



New Functionalities

Additional functionalty implemented in our proposition was a calculator for loan repayment.




We used company brand colors to soothe the users journey through page, and for the informations to be concise. Contrast emphasized the important parts of the webpage, as well as the functionalities and call to action buttons.



The typography, its shape and colors as well as the created avatars and icons were imagined to contribute the mere transparency of the site, but also to activate and convert users on site.




This project main premises was the design and user experience itself. We wanted to perfection the design in order to keep the users on site as long as possible because they feel comfortable there. This, we believe, would result with more loyalty to the brand which will lead to bigger client satisfaction.