What is the point of Twitter in 2018?


Even if you personally aren’t a Twitter user, you must have heard of this social network by now. If you’ve been working in digital marketing, then you must have encountered with it or maybe you’re familiar with it simply as Donald Trump’s favorite tool for sharing his… let’s say thoughts, ay? Anyway, Twitter has been around for quite some time, but for better part of a decade, it failed to effectively define its purpose and value.

Finally, the company’s CMO, Leslie Berland, decided to redefine Twitter and said: “So, we were a platform, a product, a service, a water cooler, a time square, a microphone, and we are every single one of those things.” She also said Twitter discovered three key barriers to its adoption — all rooted in a lack of consumer awareness. Basically, even though Twitter was founded in 2006., “people thought Twitter was a social network, or a place to connect with friends and family members, look for ex-boyfriends from kindergarten and share baby photos (…) That was the perception that people who don’t use Twitter had about what we were.”

Twitter ISN’T Facebook

Obviously, everything about this is WRONG. Twitter is not Facebook and therefore can’t be considered by users as such. Twitter is not a place to connect with people you already know, Twitter is a place to connect with people you don’t know, but find interesting – globally! Twitter is a place to find out about latest breaking news. Twitter is a place to read about celebrities’ daily lives by themselves.

Many people don’t understand that and avoid having Twitter account. Obviously, because people find Facebook simpler to use, its number of users is constantly growing while that is not the case for Twitter. So should you, as a business owner or a marketer have Twitter account in 2018? Well, let me put it this way: 74 per cent of B2B marketing companies were using Twitter to distribute content in 2017 and that has to mean something – especially if you believe numbers more than people.

Twitter as a customer support system

You wonder how to user Twitter for business? Well, let’s start with the obvious: one area that Twitter does seem to have an advantage is in customer service. You see, Twitter is the social platform of choice for customer service-related queries, as many studies have shown. Most importantly, you’re now allowed to help your customers in longer tweets since the 140-characters rule no longer obliges and you can even make threads by clicking a little plus sign which makes it simpler for people to keep track of everything you want to say to them in one place.

Engagement and building trust

Twitter is amazing tool for building trust amongst your target audience and to engage with your followers. Also, don’t be shy – you can follow them as well! Give value to your tweets and retweets. Don’t forget to reply when someone mentions you or uses your official hashtag. Moreover, track keywords important for you, your business and your industry to see what others are saying. Stay on top of your competition and stand out with unique way of communicating with your followers on Twitter. We live in an age of social media stars, why not make a point by being an example of how to properly use Twitter for business purposes?


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