5 suggestions how to increase the number of your LinkedIn followers


In the recent years, the world’s largest business network has become an advertising platform too. Just like others, maybe better known and a bit more relaxed social media, Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn is an amazing way of connecting and networking with some of the leading people in your industry. LinkedIn advertising has only increased the chance for other people, relevant to your business, to see your posts. But many, still stay away from this kind of digital advertising. The main reason being that the daily budgets of LinkedIn ads are a bit higher compared to the most popular social media for advertising – Facebook.

Before you even consider advertising on LinkedIn, your “company page” needs to be perfectly polished. The latest data from March 2018. found here show that there are now more than 500 million LinkedIn users. Because of that, your company page needs to be a perfect representation of your business to all of them.

In this article, we’ve decided to give you a few practical suggestions that can help you in creating an amazing business page for your company.

Connect with the people from your industry.

#1 Sharing is caring

Allow more users to see your post on sources other than LinkedIn. Post an interesting content from your LinkedIn page to your Facebook page. Also, add a “social follow” option to your official mail signature, website, and newsletter. In that way, you’ll be available but not aggressive, which is always a good way of promotion.

#2 Mentions are valuable

Encourage your employees to list your “company page” as their employer. This way, your site will be visible to all their connections and not only to the profiles that follow your page. This will automatically give more reach and visibility to all content on your page.

#3 Join the LinkedIn groups

Even though you can’t participate in a LinkedIn group with “company pages”, you can do so with your private profile. Participating in group discussions relevant to your industry will help you identify important trends and problems for which your product or service might be a perfect solution. If so, feel free to refer to your website but do it only if your product or service is truly relevant to the topic.

Join LinkedIn groups.

#4 Once again – content is king!

Always post content that is relevant, engaging and valuable to users that follow your company page. Based on LinkedIn statistics, 60% of users are interested in industry news. 53% want to know news related to your business while 43% show interest into promoted content. So create interesting content and be moderate with promoting.

#5 Showcase page

LinkedIn has offered companies additional showcase page where you can individually present different brands or services within your company. This option is perfect for companies that offer more products. It is also a good way to steer the attention of your followers to the new product or service you want to offer.

To conclude, if you want to build strong business connections and create a brand that can be trusted, LinkedIn is a place to be. It might not be as popular as Facebook or Instagram, but on the other side, it has a completely different set of users that are much more curated and their follow translates into a genuine interest in your business.