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5 Popular Trends In Web Design


If you are one of those people who follows industry trends, you are probably aware that there have been big changes in web design styles in the last couple of years. We have moved on from realistic approaches and entered an era of minimalistic design. All those gradients, shadow drops, textures, overtones and curvy fonts have been replaced with light, clean flat design accompanied with carefully picked typography.

Here you can find 5 popular trends in web design today.

#1 Semi Flat Design

The basic flat design that we know is focused on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography and flat color. In 2017 it has evolved into semi flat design where we can see changes in basically all its elements. Some of the novelties include long shadow effect placed on 45 degree angle, smooth shading and color transitions, transparent elements and subtle use of grain effect. When utilizing all those things, end product may reflect 3D effect, but its complexity is not destroying the flat design feeling.

#2 Multi-colored transitions

Multi-colored transitions are the newest and boldiest things going on right now. And they are still evolving. Many designers are questioning this trend and hesitating to use it, but is seems people (clients) are loving it.

The best example and maybe the strongest impact of multi-colored transitions was introduced by Instagram and its redesign in 2016. We have thank for taking such a bold move.

#3 Interesting colors

Last couple of years we have been seeing and using simple color palette  – the one characterized with discrete and more relaxing colors. However, the pop culture has had great impact on design styles, so today we are seeing more and more “old school” and 80s color references. They are bright, fun and energetic. We are using upgraded versions of purple, yellow, cyan, magenta and so on, because nowadays they have interesting transitions, transparency, grain effects and shadows which in combination with huge white or grey basic geometric elements feels so modern.

#4 Animations

Animations are also a new thing happening in web design right now. It is a step forward because now users can have fun time when find information they need. Suddenly, clicking throughout a website is a special experience and it is as important as design. We are looking forward to see what else can be done because it is already amazing and momentous.

#5 Tiny typography

As mentioned before, typography has become a crucial part of web design. We can say it is the first and most important thing you have to choose when starting designing something. Like everything else, it is experiencing some changes. After big and bold titles it is time for smaller and thinner fonts. The new ones feel more elegant, cleaner and not intrusive. They allow you to focus on other design elements or information.

Tell us what are your favorite design trends and how you are implementing them.