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Creating a unique content pillar


Our dear client, TECE, has a unique business goal: to be the second largest but also the best manufacturer of sanitary systems. While initially a German brand, the company operates successfully throughout Europe and beyond. We got the opportunity to manage their Adria and Serbia social media accounts and have been doing it for the fourth year now.

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The challenge  

Before we started cooperating with TECE, we went through an in-depth education about the intelligent concepts and systems they offer. One of the first things we learned is that their slogan is “Close to you”, and their philosophy is “wasser rein, wasser raus”, which means “water in, water out”. It refers to the central concept of water that enters the system and should also leave it promptly, doing its tasks all along. At the beginning of our cooperation, during which we also launched the social media accounts for this client, we had an abundant collection of stunning visuals to share and to showcase the products and quality of the TECE brand. After some time, we wanted to take the next step and create a unique content pillar while bearing the already-mentioned brand philosophy in mind. 

TECE signet

What we did

We sought the solution in one of the four elements of matter, and yes, you guessed it, it was water, of course. We took a linguistical approach to it and used a well-known phrase, “Stvari koje drže vodu”, which, translated directly, means “Things that hold water”, but appropriately translated, it means “Things that just make sense”. What we did is we used a general undoubtful fact such as “two plus two is four” and placed it in comparison with statements about TECE products. 

TECE Adria vizual

The result

What we got, at last, was a simple yet educational content pillar that naturally communicates the quality of TECE products. We also designed a unique signet to connect this statement as a communication platform. The content we started creating provided additional value as well as a necessary diversification, especially noticeable on the Instagram feed. Since every piece of the puzzle sat in its place, it was expected that we would see a considerable rise in engagement rate as well as in attracting new followers. 

TECE Adria IG post
TECE Adria IG post
TECE Adria IG post
TECE Adria IG post
TECE Adria IG feed
TECE Adria IG feed