About The Client

Almost 60 years ago, a small workshop in Puglia started producing furniture, only to grow to become a large company that now exports worldwide.

It is world's best known furniture brand, designing sofas, chairs, tables, beds and more to create harmony throughout the home.

Working with such world-renowned brand is quite an honor, but also fun and interesting challenge.


Main Tasks

Our main task was to bring brand awareness to Natuzzi in Croatia through social media and Google advertising. We wanted to reach a target audience and bring to their attention tradition, quality and long-lasting harmony that Natuzzi furniture can create in their home, office or even vacation houses.

By communicating with them on social media and showcasing everything Natuzzi has to offer with created content, it was our goal to impress people with ideal home interior they can create by picking Natuzzi products.


Being a luxury brand that it is, we knew from the beginning we’ll have to face a certain amount of criticism.

That’s why right from the start we had to find a way to tackle those who had prejudice or would leave negative comments because of the price.






Thanks to our well-thought marketing strategy, we managed to achieve amazing results:


Increased awareness of Natuzzi Italia and Natuzzi Editions as desirable furniture brand at Croatian market


More people coming to Natuzzi stores because of social media content they saw or adverts on Facebook and Google


Build a strong community of people on Facebook who are geunine fans of Natuzzi design and love to interact with the brand in the comments by giving their feedback


Creating original content which communicates core values of Natuzzi brand and which sends out the right message to our target audience


Presenting Natuzzi as a brand that people love to invest in due to its long-lasting quality furniture pieces that are part of their home for years


Since Natuzzi has a different campaign each month, depending on the product they want to advertise and achieve bigger sale numbers, we focus our attention toward that.

Each month we plan ahead and decide which furniture pieces will be our prime focus. Then we would come up with creative ways to advertise it through Google Search and Google Display ads, but also Facebook advertising and remarketing campaigns.

natuzzi oglas example natuzzi oglas example natuzzi oglas example natuzzi oglas example natuzzi oglas example




  • Increased brand awareness and higher number of people coming to Natuzzi stores thanks to content on Facebook
  • Increased purchases of Natuzzi products due to advertising
  • More likes, comments and shares on Facebook than ever before – improved engagement with interested community of luxury furniture


  • Increased quality website traffic through clicks on ads
  • More website clicks from targeted audiences achieved by step by step optimizing and excluding everyone who is not a potential customer.
  • Increased brand awareness through Display Adwords banner ads
  • Increased sales and store walk-ins through Google Search and Display remarketing


"We wanted to bring wider awareness of Natuzzi brand in Croatia and establish a firm position in the market. It was our goal to break through as number one luxury furniture brand in Croatia, so we decided to reach our target audience on social media. Through strategic communication on Facebook and planned advertising both on Facebook and Google, our sales numbers really improved and are continuing to grow each month. Awareness is a lot better than before, and we are already looking for new ways to continue making a change thanks to digital marketing."

Matjaž Šogorič,
CEO of Natuzzi

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