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MS2 energo

In recent years, we've witnessed a significant surge in the utilization of green technologies and sustainable energy systems. Our esteemed client, MS2 Energo, has duly acknowledged the importance of this shift. Their services encompass comprehensive solutions, from conceptualization to installing solar panels and power plants tailored for both households and businesses.

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About the Client

MS2 Energo stands out as a partner who not only offers technologically advanced solutions in the field of renewable energy sources but also provides unwavering support to clients throughout the process. Another value they offer, which deserves special recognition, is the year-long support extended to their clients. They offer a complete turnkey solution for the constructing and installing of solar panels and systems. From handling paperwork and designing to equipment procurement and installation, all the way to grid connection, they take care of everything necessary to ensure the seamless functioning of your solar system.


Goals and the challenge

Our campaign goal wasn’t merely about selling a solar power plant or advocating for solar energy; it was about placing the customer at the forefront and highlighting safety as the primary advantage over the competition.

“We stay with our customers for an additional year after panel installation, guiding them through the entire adjustment process and addressing any questions that may arise during usage – this is emphasized as a significant advantage over competitors, especially large corporations.”

Messages should share a unified direction – visually, tonally, and stylistically. Claims and the entire campaign had to be applicable to offline and online advertising channels.


The result

The campaign has successfully raised awareness about the brand and its values. The key message effectively reached the target audience, resulting in increased sales. Satisfied with the achieved results, the client decided to repeat the OOH campaign after just four months. Alongside these campaigns, we are in charge of their advertising management (Google and Facebook) all year round. Through unified messaging and multi-channel advertising, MS2 Energo continues building its brand as a reliable partner in promoting green technologies and sustainable energy solutions.