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Do you know the story about JFK and a janitor from NASA? Well, in short, when the US president visited NASA for the first time in 1962, he asked a janitor in passing: "What do you do for NASA?", "I'm helping put a man on the moon." That brilliant response by the NASA janitor was precisely what some people lack in modern times - a purpose for their work and a realization that no job and no position is more or less important than the next one. For everything to work properly, each job is equally important. This simple yet beautiful premise was the background idea for our image campaign.

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A photo of a radio host Ivana Mišerić and a rapper Vojko V.

About the Client 

Makromikro Group is Croatia’s leading Office supplies, IT equipment, and consumer electronics retailer. The company also offers printing, personalized promotional items, printer rental and management, and computer equipment rental.

A photo of Vojko V holding a bunch of toners to look like a Boombox

Challenge & What we did? 

The challenge was to create a brand image campaign that would describe a company’s business that offers over 10,000 different products catering to the broadest possible range of office needs. At the same time, we bore in mind that the competition in this segment uses generic messages such as “everything in one place” or “we offer the widest selection of office supplies,” which we wanted to stray away from.

A photo of Ivana Miseric holding a block of printing paper

We have created a unique message, “Za velike i MALE poslove,” meaning “For big and SMALL jobs”, which will serve as the overarching communication platform for the foreseeable future and the communication of an extensive range of products and services.

A photo of Ivana Miseric and Vojko V with Zebra Pens

Based on this overarching concept, the first campaign featured a beloved Croatian radio host Ivana Mišerić and a famous rapper Vojko V in the leading roles. In addition, we have included OOH, radio, and digital in our media mix for the first spike of this campaign.

📷: Karmen Poznić Božić

A photo of Ivana Miseric on an electric scooter
A photo of Ivana Miseric and Vojkov V doing piggy back

📷: Karmen Poznić Božić

🎥: Matija Vuri