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KTC Web Campaign "Ask The Owl, Don't Wander Around KTC"

Digital perfomance and creativity to increase KTC website visits

KTC is a large shopping center strategically located in rural areas throughout the continental part of Croatia. It satisfies the diverse needs of its customers with its wide range of products and services. The primary interests of its target group when shopping at KTC are opportunities, promotions, and discounts. The reason they needed our help was to drive visitors to the new website and raise awareness about its existence.     

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Challenge & What We Did?

The long-standing slogan “Choose Wisely” and the owl mascot have become integral to KTC’s identity, resonating strongly with the target audience. The goal was to associate wisdom with the wide range of products KTC offers, creating the impression that customers become “wiser” by choosing KTC products. Our main challenge was to attract visitors to KTC’s new website and raise awareness of its existence. In addition, it was necessary to effectively communicate various features and benefits through social media, including downloading digital catalogs, promoting the loyalty club and points system, explaining the new scoring cycle, and highlighting new website functionalities, such as improved on-site search.

The campaign also had a socially responsible component. We connected the campaign’s main motif, KTC’s long-eared owl, with the Međimurje nature project “What did the owl see?”

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The result

Our goal was to achieve 10,000 visits to our website within two months, from November 1st to December 31st, 2023. We are proud to announce that we successfully reached this target, securing the maximum donation of 1,000 euros for the Međimurska Priroda Association to aid the eagle owl. Thanks to our efforts in advertising and creative campaigns, we exceeded expectations and achieved over 11,000 visits by the end of the campaign. These results confirm our marketing strategies’ effectiveness and commitment to the goal.