Why should your vulcanizer think about creating a blog?

Why should your vulcanizer think about creating a blog cover

You probably know why do you need a blog. There are a thousand articles about it. But this is not a blog about you. This is a blog about your vulcanizer, Steve. It can’t all be about you. And your vulcanizer, Steve deserves a little bit of love and attention because he wants you to know that he is self-aware and that there is more to him than just a tire adjusting wizard.

How to successfully create a blog for a small or medium size company?

Why are we dealing with and talking about Steve here? Well, because Coca-Cola probably already knows how to use a blog, as well as any other marketing resources generally used for self-promoting purposes.  Not to mention they have one of the most recognizable brands in the world, which adds to the fact that their promotion isn’t really a problem. Those that can really benefit from this blog are small and medium-sized companies, who, on the other hand, don’t use blog posts as a form of self-promotion enough.

Creating a blog

So, why does Steve needs a blog?

#1 A surplus of money never hurt anyone

We still haven’t encountered a small or medium businessman that loathes from the idea of additional income. That additional income stems from additional clients. But where to get these additional clients? Well, you can fetch them through promotion which brings us to the next reason.

#2 Blog is free!

Steve is a peaceful, clear-minded man balanced as a brand new tire on a sports car which brings us to the conclusion of two different things. First of all, the author of the blog should turn off The Ramones album while writing a blog post. Second of all, Steve most certainly won’t blow his hard earned money like a sugar baby that just married into the Trump family. Steve is much wiser than this. That’s why this “free promotional experiment” is an interesting thing to Steve.

#3 Easy maintenance

Steve has better things to do than writing doctors dissertation before he even masters this whole “free advertising via blog” thing. Plus, he really doesn’t feel like it after or before a hard days work, which is also ok and understandable.

4# Give something and you will get something in return

If Steve decides to be wise enough to share his practical knowledge through his blog, he will most certainly get something in return. What he will get is a certain level of trust from the people reading his blog. People will start to recognize him as a real professional in his line of work and a reliable source of information. Finally, he will get a free ad which will represent his service as a reliable and quality one.
Ok, now we’ve written a couple of reasons why should a small entrepreneur like Steve open up a blog. Still, another question remains…how?

Sharing is Caring

How to run a successful blog for a small or medium company?

Different bloggers have different types of methods, but there are five standard P’s Steve can rely on:

#1 Planning

The ones that don’t think about installing the winter tires in October are making pirouettes on the road for Christmas and Steve knows it. The same thing can be applied to the blog. Planning is very important for the blog in order for it to have a concrete topic, that is so that each blog post can become a part of the bigger picture. All of it helps with the perspicuity of the blog and it even supports the usefulness of it for the reader.

#2 Penning and Publishing

The fact that Steve is a vulcanizer doesn’t have to mean that he is not adept at writing. Despite the stereotypes.  🙂
Steve could, in fact, be one atypical vulcanizer who really likes to read French troubadour poetry, write fan-fictions about Marie Antoinette and listen to Tchaikovsky (but only when nobody’s watching because all of his friends listen to Motörhead and Steve is simply not emotionally fit enough to venture into this kind of discussion). That’s why you should try to keep an open mind. 🙂 People are different, but a blog can be managed by anyone. 🙂
Writing is, without any doubt, a thing which can, like any other trade, be learned. In Steve’s case, the most important thing he needs is his knowledge and the advanced understanding of the things he is writing about. He also needs a copywriter. If not a copywriter, then at least his friend, Burt, the tinsmith who really likes reading on linguistics in his free time and also gets a nervous rash when somebody uses a sentence like “Megan is very young to drive” or “I was yesterday here”. The last person they need in their team is Steve’s nephew, James, whose studying computer science and knows the basics of computer programming and isn’t really that much different from any other computer science student. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of people that are as versatile as Burt and Steve are for the purpose of writing this article.
All jokes aside, let’s be a bit serious for a moment. In order to manage your blog correctly, you should be careful about grammar, you should understand the theme field you are writing about, and you should know how to use WordPress or some other basic CMS system in order to allow your readers to see your blog online and for them to be able to read it. If you think you can’t do all of these things by yourself, we recommend that you get in touch with an agency that can do all of these things.

#3 Promotion

Promotion can be done in a lot of ways. It especially pays off when it comes to social network from the perspective of a blog. But, one thing that nobody likes is a spamming and unwanted mail. An average person would probably react on an unwanted link the same as Steve would if he found a flat tire with a discount symbol and a phone number of the competitor vulcanizer whose shop is across the street on his doorstep. His verbal reaction would include the reactions we aren’t allowed to cite in this article. Shoving a business card in the hand of the person who doesn’t want to see it can only produce the counter effect. Share your posts with the people who want to see them and, who might be interested in the subject. Don’t shove them under people’s noses – this is an important rule of blog promotion.

Nobody likes spams

Nobody likes spamming

#4 Participating

It is not enough to write a blog, it is also important to participate in the forming of the community. That means commenting on blog posts of the same content and also including in the contents of potential clients. This can be really handy for Steve because he never knows when he is going to run into another vulcanizer that is also a poetry lover or even Tchaikovsky lover which he is looking for and who also really appreciates the quality of a new tire and the art of fitting it.


The forming of the blog itself isn’t consisted of just writing the posts but also of creating its name and its brand in the community interested in this type of business. All that by the price of the time invested in it and the will for participating and presenting. However, if you don’t want to get involved with all of this or you simply think that you don’t have the time or the experience to do it all on a level you want it to be done on, there is also a solution for that – contact us. 🙂
You can reach us without any obligations. Send us a message and we’ll send you our advice or a quick, short offer. There’s not anything wrong with letting yourself in the hands of a more experienced professional who will represent your company the right way or at least give you an advice about the direction you should go in to do all of this on your own.