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Facebook Collection Ads are a relatively new form of Facebook advertising which offers kind of a new experience of advertising on this platform. But let’s start with some general numbers.

In 2019, Facebook Ads had over 7 million advertisers all over the world coming from all industries you can imagine. It seems that everyone finally recognized the opportunity of relatively cheap advertising compared to some more traditional channels.

But, as you can imagine, with such a high number of advertisers, the game became a bit harder. Some businesses are still struggling to find the perfect way of advertising on this social media network.

Another reason for the struggle is that Facebook had become an extremely competitive marketplace when it comes to Ads. One can say it is even oversaturated with all the different ones, popping left and right when scrolling through your Newsfeed.

Because of that, catching attention from your target audience can be really hard. A lot of Facebook users are annoyed by constant Ads bombarding. Some will even skip Ads which may be interesting to them otherwise. The solution to this problem just might be Facebook collection ads.


Create interactive ads and catch the user’s attention.

What are Facebook collection ads?

There are two most important things to know if you haven’t yet heard about Facebook Collection ads.

  • They are a mobile-only ad format.
  • They have incredibly high engagement and conversion rates due to their interactive nature.

This is amazing when taken in account how traditionally mobile conversions are much harder to achieve compared to desktop ones. This is exactly why brands should seriously consider trying out this form of Facebook advertising. Yet, it is still not used as much as a classic Facebook picture, video, or carousel post.

Facebook Collections are also particularly useful for online retailers because they can easily showcase a large selection of their products.

How do they exactly look? Collection ads feature a primary video or image above several smaller images. Even though, you can totally only use pictures we definitely recommend using a video as a feature because it increases engagement rate even more. When you click on one of the pictures it takes you to a specially created interface that showcases products in a clean and simple way.

If you want to proceed and buy the product, one click is everything you need to do. It will take you directly to the webshop cart page where you can pay the item. Indeed simple, easy, and user friendly.

If you’re looking for the right specifications which you need to follow for the ad to display correctly on mobile check the Adespresso article Facebook Carousel Ads and Facebook Collection Ads: the Powerhouse Combo.

Why use this form of Facebook Ads?

Even though 93% of Facebook’s advertising revenue in 2019. came from mobile and mobile currently holds the largest share of online traffic with 53% of all Internet usage, it still has weaker conversion rates compared to desktop.

Why is that so? Well, it is not too surprising considering that online users usually do their research of product on desktop as it offers a wider screen. A greater sense of security when paying as well. Also, many companies don’t invest in mobile-friendly websites, making it hard for the user to navigate it fast and easily via phone.

Because of all of this, mobile has a really high percentage of usage but a low conversion rate. Facebook collection offers a great solution to this problem. It offers the user a new, more interactive and also, a more user-friendly experience.

Multiple case studies have proven that Facebook Collection Ads have incredibly high-converting potential. Even though they’re a mobile-only format. Sephora or Audi case studies are amazing examples of how to include them into your brand’s digital marketing strategy. 


Tips and Tricks when using Facebook collection ads

 Now let’s get to the practical part of creating collection Ads and using the best practices when doing so. The best step by step guide of creating these kinds of Ads in Ads manager is available via Facebook for business here. On the link, you’ll find useful information about the process of creating the Ads.

Now, here are some of our advice to take into account when creating the Ads:

  • Always create themed ads that will make sense to a user. It is better to reach a targeted niche audience than try and reach absolutely everyone on Facebook. So, let’s say you’re a clothing brand. Don’t push absolutely all your products in one ad with no sense whatsoever. Try and put them in collections as the Ad name itself suggests or apply them. For example, beach accessories, occasion dresses, or gym clothes. You get it.
  • Choose the right timing. What does it mean? Showcase seasonal products at the right time. Don’t try and advertise sales of winter coats during summer. This, in fact, might be a great catch but people probably won’t buy it in July. On the other hand, if you put up a carefully created Ad for perfect winter gloves during the biggest snow down of the year, we’re sure your sales conversions will go through the roof. Sometimes a bit of predictability is a good thing.
  • Video content has been a hot thing on social media for quite some time now. It is already known that it reaches much more audience than regular pictures, so it is our recommendation to use it when creating Collection ads. A video allows the user to get to know and visualize the product better. So, don’t miss this opportunity.
  • UGC is a form of content that is always recommended to incorporate into your social media strategy. It can really help you create a stronger bond with your audience and create more credibility for your brand as many customers trust other customer’s recommendations more than brand statements or influencer reviews. Naturally, including UGC into your Collection Ads can make them much more relatable and stronger. It is definitely an advertising strategy to consider.

If you need some more inspiration on how to be more interactive on your social media channels read our article Social media engagement – how to get it? 


Rules of creating Facebook Collection Ads

Try it out

The collection ads a real valuable Facebook advertising tool if used correctly. They have the potential to be highly engaging, interactive, and to produce considerably more conversions than regular Facebook Ads.

If you do any kind of e-commerce, we strongly heartily recommend you try out this way of advertising. Test its possibilities while it is still not so known and common. And when you do, get back to us with results. 

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