About Our History And Experience

From the time FenixApps started its journey through the digital skies six years ago, we became a full-fledged custom web development department at Kontra. Despite all the obstacles along the way, we've had the pleasure of working with some world-renowned companies such as Walt Disney, IstraturistUmag Hotels, Opel, and Renault.

Our main goal is to do things right. That is why we take full charge of the project. From its initial idea and concepts to design and development. Our six years long experience enables us to do design and develop applications the way they are meant to be.

Things we do




Custom Apps


Front–end development



Workflow Process


research & planning

Everything starts with you. Your ideas, goals and involvement are crucial for us to know what you want and need. Whether you are an agency or a business owner, we have to discuss everything with you. What we can and can't do, what absolutely must be done and what's the waste of money.

With you, we define project specifications, pre-phase, timeline (optimist / real/ & pessimistic cases) and post – delivery phase.


Content First

For us, content is like a building material for a contractor. We can't do anything without it. Text, images, videos etc. The message you want to be sent to your visitor will be sent the right way. The process is always identical, regardless if it's your company website or an app for a marketing campaign we are talking about. The message leads to visitor's action, and that action leads to reaching goals set up in the first phase.


Creating Design, UI & UX

In the next phase, our design team could create wireframes (UI) that will deliver a fabulous experience for our visitors that lead to accomplishing your goals. Wireframes are the best way of communicating between you and our team. After we agreed on wireframes (UI), it is time to put some colours. Our guiding lights are your brand book and key visuals. If you do not have them, we will make new ones.


Backend + Frontend

When you approve the design, the coding starts. There's no big philosophy here. Our developer's main task is to deliver a functional project and everything granted within specifications. During this stage, you can check out the progress of the project on the testing server.



Finally, finished! The testing can commence. And guess what? This is another phase you are involved in. Together, we are preparing everything for the launch phase.



Suppose there is no "Houston, we have a problem moment", the project is being launched and the production phase begins. The product is awaiting its first users.



Everything must work perfectly throughout the year. That is why our support is here to react promptly and deliver fixes if needed. Also, with us, your servers, domain renewals, plug-in renewals etc. will always be taken care of.


Conversion Rate Optimizations

You know that things such as Google Analytics, heat maps, A/B testings, multivariate testings, conversions, customer journey, CTR… ? We got you here as well because our great professionals are analyzing collected data and preparing task lists for improvements to your web application.

Some Examples Of Our Work


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