What about it?

If you have even the slightest interest in digital marketing, the question of Google Ads must have come up. If you haven't asked yourself that question, NOW is the time! Think about this for a moment. What does social media advertising have in common with traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers, billboards etc.? These all belong in the 'push' marketing category. These are the ads that are being pushed under people's noses.

At the same time, Ads is the complete opposite. It brings a unique possibility of 'pull' marketing. This means that people are able to come to YOU and ask for the ad themselves. How is this possible and why would they do that? Well, all people have needs, and in the 21st century, they resolve them by the majestic action of "Googling". Your part as the business owner is to be among the results of their Google search with your Ads. This way, your service or product becomes the solutions to their needs which has an unbelievably positive impact on your business.


Kontra Philosophy

For us, Google advertising is a great opportunity. Using it is like playing poker with better cards than anyone else on the table. And we are skilfull enough to know how to deal you those cards.

A Google advertiser from Kontra takes his job seriously and he performs it with great joy. He does high-quality work, regardless of how "big" the client is. That is the Kontra philosophy and what we stand behind.

Digital marketing is a business of communication. And when we talk about communication, we mean business. Ideas are the base of marketing and we are accustomed to discussing them. After all, we are advertising your product, service or solution.

Workflow Process


research & planning

As already mentioned, ideas are the base of marketing. Hence the first thing we do is discuss ideas with you. The information about your budget, goals and your overall idea of your business growth are invaluable to us. If we are working together, we are a team. This kind of input from you is the fuel that drives us toward reaching your business goals and with it, we can decide on the best strategies for you to benefit from your advertising opportunities. All of this is not accomplished on a hunch but through a systematic research with tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google trends, your Google Analytics account ( if one is set up), etc.



Only when these prerequisites are fulfilled, we can start creating the campaigns. This is the breaking point of our work. It is at this moment that your campaign is heated up and molded with surgical precision. This part, of setting up the campaign affects the whole process of advertising.


analysing & optimizing

We know a lot, but we don't know everything. Nobody does. That's why it is important for us to monitor the upsurge of any new campaigns. Through tracking the campaign-related data, we get to learn important specifics about your audience. This allows us to optimize the created campaign even more, resulting in an even better return on investment.



Before anything significant is being done or changed, you will be notified and consulted about it. This approach will be maintained every step of the way. We won't miss an opportunity to brag about the good results we achieve with a certain campaign. One of the most important principles in doing things the Kontra way is a bilateral communication. And while we won't miss an opportunity to boast with good work, we will be expecting the same thing for you. This is important for us because we strive to being better every day and this kind of information allows us exactly that. To say that we are available for any questions you might have, any step of the way is implied.

tools we use


Google Display Planner


Google Keyword Planner


Google Trends


Google Analytics

Some Examples Of Our Work


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