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Everything is changed now, but you already know that. While Don Draper and other Mad Men provide a fun setting for a TV show, their way of doing advertising is everything but modern. What to do? Adapt and overcome, because we don't improvise and we certainly don't live in the past. The power of the Internet is growing by the hour, and it is up to you to decide whether you want it to boost your business or leave your success to chances.

In the past times, as a business owner, you would put up a billboard and hope for the best! Today, you can do things differently and show your "billboard" only to the people who want to see it and who want to buy your product. However, this process is a bit complicated, and that is where we come in.

Core Platforms


Kontra Philosophy

Besides possessing the advanced understanding of Internet advertising and its benefits, we will also teach you about those things (if you are curious) so you would know exactly what are you investing in. Whatever your digital marketing needs might be, we will fulfill them with a great passion and strong enthusiasm. Your marketing budget will be smartly used for achieving the best possible results, regardless of your campaign complexity.

In Kontra, sharing is caring, and that is why we will constantly share the reports and updates with you to keep you up to date (with our awesome work.)

Workflow Process


research & planning

The first thing we do, before we even start with anything, is listen to you. Your ideas, your goals, and your involvement are the keys to proper advertising and reaching set goals. We need to discuss everything, we need to know what we can and what we can't do, what we absolutely must do and what would be a complete waste of money.

In addition to this, we will explore different advertising options about the market you are advertising in, about your targeted and current audience, and about your competitors.



After all the research and after we've discussed everything, our job can start.

We will create planned campaigns that will deliver results. This part is crucial and it will be executed with great care and precision. It is that important because our future ideas and opportunities are based on the results of this part.


analysing & optimizing

The first phase of each campaign requires a frequent checkup. Why? Well, because it often offers an opportunity to optimize the campaign we are conducting. And we love to take opportunities. Especially when it means we will accomplish greater results with the same or smaller marketing budget. If we call up a 80/20 rule, saying that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your audience our goal is reaching that 20% as cheaper and as faster as possible.



We believe you deserve to hear from us on a monthly basis and that is why we keep insisting on a monthly report and overview. Moreover, you will be notified of every change we make through the steps of the process. No shady business.

The story of our cooperation will be written with your pen as well and that is why we love to hear from you about the results of your growing business.

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Some Examples Of Our Work


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