A list of conferences we’ll participate in, as well as lectures and seminars we’ll hold in 2022, will be updated during the year.

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27.1. OnlineFacebook & Google Ads – Effective and measurable digital marketing in practiceA premium Webinar by SmartBiz.
03.02.ZagrebMarketing on social mediaA Seminar in the organization by Mapa Znanja.
10.02.OnlineGoogle advertisingIn-house seminar (NDA)
03.03.ZagrebContent Marketing – Marketing through contentA Seminar in the organization by Mapa Znanja.
07.05DubrovnikSocial MediaSeminar in cooperation with Dura.

Disclaimer: These are only announcements of lectures, seminars, and conferences in 2022. that will be held depending on the number of signed-up participants. Please get in touch with education facilities, associations, and companies that organize them for information about seminars.

If you’re coming to a conference or a seminar, don’t be a stranger – let us know!


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