A list of conferences we’ll participate in, as well as lectures and seminars we’ll hold in 2021, will be updated during the year.

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27.1.  Online Onsite SEO In-house seminar (NDA)
10.02. Online Digital apartments Public seminar
22.02. Online Digital analytics In-house seminar (NDA)
03.03 Zagreb The best of social media Seminar in cooperation with SmartBiz
05.03. Online Content marketing Lecture at the Marketalks conference
05.03. Online Onsite SEO In-house seminar (NDA)
23.03. Zagreb How to rule with content and build personal branding on social media? Lecture at the 3T conference 
13.04.  Zagreb How to use the full potential of online advertising?  Panel discussion at Underline project by Ekonomska klinika
21.04. Osijek Online business Informative workshop at Centar za Poduzetništvo Osijek
27.04 Zagreb Social media marketing Seminar in cooperation with Plavi ured
29.04 Zagreb Social media marketing Seminar in cooperation with Mapa znanja
08. 05 Dubrovnik Social media marketing Seminar in cooperation with Dura
15.05. Split The future of media

Lecture at the DUMP Days conference


Disclaimer: these are only announcements of lectures, seminars, and conferences in 2021 that will be held depending on the number of signed-up participants. For information about seminars please contact education facilities, associations, and companies that organize them.

If you’re coming to a conference or a seminar, don’t be a stranger – let us know!


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