A list of conferences we’ll participate in, as well as lectures and seminars we’ll hold in 2020, will be updated during the year.

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21.1.ZagrebSocial media marketingSeminar in cooperation with Plavi ured
14.2.ZagrebFacebook & Instagram advertisingSeminar in cooperation with SmartBiz
5.3.ZagrebSocial media marketingSeminar in cooperation with Lider
19.3.ZagrebPersonal brandingLecture at the 3T conference
19.3.ZagrebInstagram in tourism – best case studiesLecture at the 3T conference conference
24.3.OsijekFuture of media, technology and advertisingKeynote lecture at the “Marketing of the future” conference
26.3.ZagrebPersonal brandingLecture at the LEAP Summit
27.3.ZagrebContent marketingSeminar in cooperation with SmartBiz
27.3.SplitFuture of media, technology and advertisingLecture at the DUMP Days conference
1.4.OpatijaFacebook & Instagram advertisingWorkshop at the Internet Adria conference
1.4.OpatijaLinkedIn for B2BLecture at the Internet Adria conference
2.4.OpatijaInstagram in tourism – best case studiesLecture at the Internet Adria conference
30.04ZagrebDigital marketing – online education1-on-1 education (NDA)
08.05.Zagreb“Where’s the afterparty?” – Marketing after the corona virusOnline panel discussion with Bookmark association


DubrovnikSocial media marketingSeminar in cooperation with DURA
11.5.ZagrebFacebook and LinkedInSeminar in cooperation with SmartBiz
15.05ZagrebSocial media marketingIn-house seminar (NDA)
21.5.ZagrebSocial media marketingSeminar in cooperation with Mapa znanja
09.06.ZagrebContent marketingSeminar in cooperation with SmartBiz
01.07.ZagrebMarketing and Sales by numbersPanel discussion about TikTok in cooperation with Lider
01.07. ZagrebMarketing and Sales by numbersFacebook shop vs. e-commerce, panel discussion at Lider conference
23.09.ZagrebDigital marketingIn-house seminar (NDA)
02.10.ZagrebHow to Develop a Kick-Ass Personal Branding Using Social MediaA lecture at LEAP Summit
05.10.ZagrebDigital marketingIn-house seminar (NDA)
07.10. ZagrebDigital marketingOnline in-house seminar (NDA)
08.10. ZagrebThe best of social mediaSeminar in cooperation with SmartBiz
09.10. ZagrebDigital marketingOnline in-house seminar (NDA)
16.10. PorečContent marketing – a lead generation machineA lecture at ESAS
22.10.ZagrebDigital marketingSeminar in cooperation with Mapa znanja
24.10. DubrovnikSocial media marketingA seminar in cooperation with Dura.hr
03.11.ZagrebTBDFuture of Fintech conference by Bug.hr
11.11.ZagrebFacebook advertisingSeminar in cooperation with SmartBiz

Disclaimer: these are only announcements of lectures, seminars, and conferences in 2020 that will be held depending on the number of signed-up participants. For information about seminars please contact education facilities, associations, and companies that organize them.

If you’re coming to a conference or a seminar, don’t be a stranger – let us know!


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