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Brands on BeReal: How to leverage it for your SoMe strategy?


What is BeReal?

For all those who have yet to decide to give it a chance, we will first explain what BeReal is and how it is used.

BeReal is a mobile application designed to facilitate creating and sharing of authentic user-generated content (UGC). It provides a platform where users can express themselves, share their experiences, and connect with others through genuine content. The app fosters real connections and promotes authenticity in the digital space.

Home page of the BeReal.

Every user receives a notification once a day, at an unspecified moment, that it is time for BeReal. That means that from the moment you enter BeReal, you have only two minutes to “create content”, that is, to create a picture from the front and back of your mobile phone. The more accurate you are with the time of publication, the longer your images will stay on the feed itself before a new notification comes and your BeReal post disappears.

That way BeReal provides a refreshing platform for users to share genuine moments and real experiences. It offers an alternative to the artificial online presence found on other social media platforms, and by encouraging a community that values authenticity, BeReal has attracted users seeking a more genuine and meaningful online experience.

In simpler terms, BeReal is a new interactive way of publishing double content due to dual camera imaging, intended for all those who have had enough of artificial and overly edited content over the years. The ease of its use is also its advantage that entices users to join other daring people who have nothing to hide on social networks.

Also, this social network does not have classic ways of “assessing content” through likes. Here you will use different emojis that convey the same meaning, but before you leave them on someone’s picture, for each emoji, you have to take your own picture, that is, your real sentence that matches the look of the emoji.

The creators of this application stayed within the basic tools for mutual interaction but still managed to create something completely new. And yes, you can normally comment on other people’s photos and your own. That’s the only thing you’ll find similar compared to other applications.

So, on BeReal, you will not find the same pictures, reactions to them, or ads.

ADS? Yes, yes – you read it right.

We said that authentic and recurring content is nurtured on this app. BeReal does not support paid and sponsored ads; thus, it tries to encourage brands to find creative solutions that will be successfully used to create a community through this platform as well.

Now that we’ve covered this (or studied BeReal for the first time), it is time for its concrete application for business purposes.

Should brands be on BeReal?

Considering this social network’s existing users, the answer is straightforward – yes!

Leaving digital footprints with BeReal took on a new meaning because it set the trend for exceptional originality, truth and credibility.

Brands are also expected, you wouldn’t believe it, to show their other side through this application. And that is the face hidden in the behind-the-scenes moments, the people who actively make up that brand, and the business policy that does not have to be a secret. Rather, it is expected that through BeReal, users will have the opportunity to identify with the everyday opportunities and problems of a brand they choose to follow.

On the other hand, BeReal can be really useful to a brand when we talk about business and marketing.

As we have already had the opportunity to point out, creating content on this platform could not be simpler, so specially designed visuals are not expected here. In this way, brands can provide their unique and imaginative content with the same opportunities as all other BeReal users.

All you need to use BeReal are cameras (and the internet, of course), along with a little imagination and ad hoc creativity. We agree that waiting for a notification for the publication of a new post is challenging since it can come at any time, but many of the world’s great brands have already mastered this business. With good strategy development and selecting good content and values ​​you want to highlight on BeReal, taking one photo per day becomes much easier.

Also, a community of active and loyal users who will share their experiences related to the brand and who will act in word-of-mouth promotion can be created effortlessly.

Interaction with the audience in a simple way, through comments, also leaves enough space for organic audience reach.

And although the word “ad” doesn’t exist on BeReal, collaboration with influencers can also be used here to reach future followers through greater brand exposure and engagement.

Is your business suited for BeReal?

Determining whether a business is well-suited for BeReal, an innovative platform designed to foster genuine connections and authentic experiences, relies on a multitude of factors. In a world increasingly driven by virtual interactions, BeReal stands out as a platform that values real-world connections, emphasizing the importance of genuine engagement and meaningful relationships.

As businesses strive to adapt to the evolving landscape, embracing BeReal can give them a unique opportunity to align their values and offerings with an audience seeking authentic experiences and transparent interactions. By delving deeper into the key considerations that make a business suitable for BeReal, we can explore how this platform can empower enterprises to connect with their customers on a deeper, more meaningful level, ultimately fostering growth, loyalty, and success. Here are some bullet points to consider:


  • Target Audience:
    Is the target audience active on BeReal? Consider whether your target demographic aligns with the user base of the app. Think about what content followers want to see on your profile, depending on the brand. Understanding your audience’s preferences and presence on BeReal is essential for effective engagement.


  • Content Strategy:
    Does your business have the ability to create and promote authentic and engaging user-generated content? BeReal thrives on genuine content, so companies need a content strategy that aligns with the app’s focus. Consider how your brand can showcase real moments, experiences, and stories that resonate with BeReal users.


  • Brand Values:
    Does your brand prioritize authenticity and genuine connections? BeReal emphasizes these values, so businesses need to align with the app’s ethos. Evaluate if your brand’s values align with fostering real connections and promoting authenticity in the digital space. This alignment will help build trust and resonate with BeReal’s user community.


  • Collaboration Opportunities:
    Are there influencers or content creators on BeReal who resonate with your brand? Collaborating with influencers can be an effective strategy on BeReal, so assess whether potential partnerships are available. Look for influencers whose content and values align with your brand’s identity and target audience to amplify your reach and engagement.


  • Resource Allocation:
    Do you have the resources to actively engage with the BeReal community and create a consistent presence on the app? BeReal requires ongoing engagement and interaction, so consider if your business can commit the necessary resources. This includes dedicated personnel, time, and creative resources to consistently produce content, engage with users, and participate in conversations on the platform.


  • Marketing Objectives:
    Will being on BeReal help you achieve your marketing goals? Evaluate how being on the app fits your overall marketing strategy and if it aligns with your objectives. Consider if BeReal’s unique features and user base can support your marketing goals, such as increasing brand awareness, driving user engagement, or fostering genuine connections with your audience.

Keeping these few elements in mind will help your decision to use BeReal, or at least guide your thinking. By carefully assessing these factors, you can make an informed choice about leveraging BeReal as a platform to connect with your target audience and achieve your marketing objectives.

How did other platforms respond?

The arrival of BeReal in 2020 and the rapid growth of its popularity influenced many changes in other social networks as well. While some were just experimental trials, some survived and have now been shut down due to a lack of interactions. Let’s see how BeReal affected the most popular networks up to that point.

BeReal next to Instagram.


The “Candid Challenges” feature, which challenged users to take and share pictures of their surroundings daily within two-minute slots, was being tested internally by Instagram around 2022. And it’s clear to se that the idea behind BeReal is quite similar to this.


In its primary camera app, Snapchat added a feature allowing users to snap and transmit photographs concurrently with front- and back-facing cameras. Similar to BeReals’ taking a selfie.


YouTube YouTube, the renowned video-sharing platform, also recognized the influence of BeReal. To cater to the growing demand for authentic content, YouTube launched a feature called “Real Stories.” This feature encouraged users to share personal experiences and unedited moments in short videos. However, despite initial excitement, “Real Stories” didn’t achieve the desired engagement, and YouTube will remove the feature from its platform.


TikTok responded to BeReal’s surge, announcing a new feature called TikTok Now in 2022. TikTok Now worked very similarly to BeReal. With TikTok Now, you were invited to share what is happening “now” with your friends by using your device’s front and back cameras. In 2023 TikTok announced shutting down the in-app feature due to a small response.

By all accounts, this is a time of change worth seizing. With minimal risk awareness, success through the BeReal platform can still be expected with a well-thought-out strategy. So, be real and see you on BeReal.