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How to use IGTV for business

A blog post on how to use IGTV for business purposes and create engaging content for your followers on your Instagram account.


How we designed new home page for our agency website

We needed to change our homepage design on our website. What was the goal and how we approached it? Take a look at this blog post for key takeaways...

Instagram Story

Instagram Shopping – How To Increase Sales With Shoppable Posts

Learn how to create captivating shopping posts or Stories and increase your sales with these new Instagram shopping features.


Kontra Featured on Clutch 1000 List of Top B2B Firms

"It means a lot to be listed here because it means all of our hard work is paying off and that people are recognizing that." - Ilija Brajkovic...

Cover image for the blog post - How to write a good copy for a Facebook Ad

How to write good copy for a Facebook ad?

Writing a good copy for a Facebook ad is not easy, but it's extremely important. It can influence the performance of your ad quite a bit.

Modern WordPress Theme Development With Gulp.js – A Guide, Packet Json File, Gulp Wordpress

Modern WordPress Theme Development With Gulp.js – A Guide

Theme development is possible with just a text editor and graphics package, but gulp.js (Gulp Wordpress) will revolutionize your workflow.


A guide for B2B social media marketing: 5 tips for a killer strategy

The key ingredient for doing B2B social media marketing well is having a strategy. Our guide will give you 5 tips to improve your B2B social...


The importance of community management support on social media

In this blog post, we will explain why exactly social media customer service is so important in building a strong online presence of your brand...

The image contains several smaller 3D elements. In the main focus are the uppercase and lowercase letter A. Around them there is a pencil, a magnifying glass, a color picker, an asterisk and pellet - arranged as if they were all working together to design typography.

8 Basic Rules for Good Graphic Design

To produce a good design it is necessary to know certain principles that every designer uses. We bring you 8 basic principles for good graphic...

coca cola brand

Brand awareness – What is it really and why is it important?

What is brand awareness, why is it important for your company and what are the steps you have to take to start developing it


Kontra Awarded Top Web Designer in Croatia

Clutch Leader Awards: Kontra Awarded Top Web Designer in Croatia

luka modric

Who is Luka Modric and how we can use him to explain ad attribution?

Luka Modric is a football player who rarely scores, but still he is a vital player in his team and was selected as a Player of the year. Let...


5 Common Social Media Mistakes Which Brands Do

Blog post about five social media mistakes which brands usually do when communicating with their followers through their social media accounts...


Facebook Algorithm 2019 – Beat It Before It Beats You

Facebook and its beautiful and everchanging algorithm. Check out this 3 simple tips and step up your advertising game.

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The secret to creating content for so-called, boring industries

You might think your business is boring, and that content for "boring" industries has no place on social media. This blog post talks about that...


Facebook Video – 7 Tips On How To Use New Video Features

Bring your business to life with Facebook video: improve your social media strategy using these 7 tips to improve your video marketing campaigns...


Custom Website Navigation Menu in WordPress

WordPress navigation menus are a vital part of your WordPress site. This guide will get you started with WordPress cutom navigation allowing...


6 Creative Instagram Story Ideas For Your Business

Read our blog post and find out why Instagram Stories should be an important part of your social media marketing strategy.


How to Start Making Cool Animations on Website

Animations on web, one of the hottest design trends of 2019, has become an inseparable part of user experience for modern websites.


How we Designed Menu for our Agency Website

This is the second blog in new series of blog posts where we talking about upgrades and redesign process of our website

digital agency cost

Digital marketing pricing – how to determine prices for your clients?

Digital marketing agency cost - how much should you charge your clients and have your digital marketing agency profitable


5 Tips To Improve Designing Website

What makes website easy to use? Read this and find out what is basic rules of making a great website.

An image depicting a man running up the steps, illustrating the steps of creative campaign

How to develop a creative campaign from scratch in 10 steps? vol. 2

A blog post continuing on the topic of creating a campaign brief from scratch. This article leads through ten steps of creating a creative concept...

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How to Develop a Creative Campaign From Scratch: The Introduction

This article dwells on the topic of creating a creative campaign. It's perfect if you've never encountered such a task before.

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The 8 Types of Graphic Design

If you look around, you will find design everywhere. But to better understand each design area we highlighted 8 types of graphic design for...


Tips & Tricks For Creating An Effective Email Newsletter

Read our article and learn how to create an email newsletter following a few useful email marketing tips and tricks.


Pitch Presentation: A Complete Guide For Agencies To Seal The Deal

If you're wondering how to seal a deal with your dream client, then read this complete guide for a pitch presentation and convince them to hire...


Kontra Named Among Clutch’s Best Social Media Marketers for 2019!

Clutch has graciously named us as one of the top Facebook and Instagram marketing agencies. It's great to be among the best social media marketers...


WordPress custom post type

By default, WordPress comes with post and pages as the main content types. However, we can create our custom content

Personal brand

Building your personal brand using video content

Why we started using videos to boost our personal branding and how we record and use video content daily.