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Gen Z And Design: How To Design For A New Generation

In order to reach Gen Z, how should digital designers improve their skills? The digital design industry is working with brands that need to...


Tips On Creating A Successful LinkedIn Content Strategy

How to create a successful LinkedIn content strategy and grow your Page? Find out useful suggestions in this blogpost.

Wordpress custom theme hero

Custom WordPress theme setup

WordPress custom themes allow you to design and make a theme specific to your needs. The result code is mode clean, loads faster and the theme...


Two things you need to do before you start planning digital campaigns

Find out two very important things need to be done long before you decide to go on Facebook, Instagram, Google or plan digital campaigns.


Lectures, Conferences and Seminars – 2022 Edition

A list of conferences we’ll participate in, as well as lectures and seminars we’ll hold in 2021, will be updated during the year.


Divi theme builder – introduction

The Divi theme builder allows you to quickly create a responsive website with a drag-and-drop interface. They enable you to create entirely...


Logo Redesign – Why and how to do it right

If you're thinking of rebranding or redesigning your logo, but not sure you need one; this post will provide the answers you seek.

Marketing strategy

5 things to avoid in your digital marketing strategy

How to make your digital marketing strategy stand out and what to avoid, find out in this blog.

What it Means to be Fit For Kontra Agency cover

What Does It Mean To be Fit For Kontra?

So you want to know if you’re fit for Kontra? Hi there, if you opened this post and started reading


A Client’s Guide to Design Terminology

If you're a client and wonder what all those words designers say mean, reading this post will help with learning our terminology.


Snackable content

Your content marketing strategy could benefit from snackable content. We explained why and how to use it in this blog post.

Specialization in design - collage of design experts

Specialization in Design

This blog post is explaining the biggest differences of generalist and specialist designers along with some other aspects to consider.

Content plan creation cover

Tips for creating content plan across different social media platforms

A blogpost where you'll find tips and suggestions for creating a content plan across diferent social media platforms.

The picture shows an author's and somewhat imaginary illustration of a man and a woman holding a photo icon in their hands. The idea is to show the variety of image sizes on social media.

Social Media Image Sizes

Learn how to create high-quality images in 2022 for social media. We create a step by step guide for you and listed all image sizes for social...

Breakdown effect - Scaling Facebook Campaigns

What stops you from scaling Facebook campaigns?

Find out how the Breakdown effect stops you from (cheap) conversions while scaling Facebook campaigns.


The Phenomenon of Instagraphics

The Instagraphics are a fascinating example of people appropriating the Millenial aesthetic to express radical views. But this trend forgot...

Instagram simbol

Instagram Reels vs IGTV – what’s the difference?

Instagram has a lot to offer with its video features IGTV and Reels. Find out which one to use in this blog post.

Cover image made of Kontra's new office

October 2021 to mark the tenth anniversary of the digital agency Kontra

Since we're celebrating tenth birthday of our agency this month, we decided to tell the story of how everything began.


Website copywriting: Why should you hire a copywriter for your website?

The pros of hiring a copywriter for website copywriting, as well as a list of all that could go wrong if you write it yourself.

Staging to live cover

Website deployment necessary steps (staging to live)

A staging website is a clone of your website where you can test new updates made by your developers before they're deployed to your live site...

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing – is it for you?

Influencers can be valuable assets to your business. We explained how and why to incorporate them in your marketing.

How we define design revisions cover

What is a design revision and how we define them at Kontra

Broadly speaking, design revision is any change made to a design after the first draft is created. It can be as simple as changing a few pictures...

image naslovnica izrezana zatamnjena-min

Image Extensions – a new addition to Search campaigns

Image extensions are Google's latest addition to text Search ads. Google is constantly changing and upgrading options and features, and while...

tiktok content

TikTok 101: Why include it in your social media strategy?

The article talks about the TikTok social media platform and why brands should consider including it in their social media strategy.


Lectures, Conferences and Seminars – 2021 Edition

A list of conferences we’ll participate in, as well as lectures and seminars we’ll hold in 2021, will be updated during the year.

Clutch.co logo for top 1000 B2B companies in the world, and a group of young people in the background

Kontra Listed by Clutch as One of the Top 1000 B2B Companies in the World

Our team here at Kontra woke up to a thrilling announcement from Clutch one morning! We were just awarded one


The key pillars of custom WordPress themes

Deciding on which WordPress themes to use is one of the most important choices you can make for your website. Learn here about the different...


Coronavirus: Social media communication in travel and tourism industry

Coronavirus crisis: How the ongoing pandemic has impacted social media communication for the travel and tourism industry around the world


Instagram Story Vs Facebook Story – Which One To Use?

By now, you probably know that the two most prominent social media giants, Facebook and Instagram, are owned by the


The importance of typography on a website

Typography is one of the essential elements of design. In web design, it is no different. First of all, I would like to clarify all the vague...