6 ways to create successful blog content


After you have defined your target audience, learned about their problems, needs, and wishes, set your business and marketing goals, you’ve decided to create a business blog. Blog content is specifically designed  to educate, solve problems and add value to your users.

Encouraged by the stated facts, we bring you 6 useful tips for creating successful blog content which will both help you build trust with users and establish you as a leader in your industry.

We already wrote about how to set and clearly define content marketing strategy. If you have defined your target audience, learned what are their interests and FAQ-s, you will know which content to create for your blog. Use the terminology which your audience uses and while you write the blog text, pay attention to the following factors:

#1 Eye-catching and appealing title

Attract your readers attention.

Attract your readers attention.

Tittle of a blog post is one the most important elements for attracting the attention of a reader. For it to be efficient, it needs to:

  • call for action, educate, offer instructions on how to use something
  • contain keywords which will be written about in the blog post
  • be short, simple and readable
  • show what blog post is all about
  • present solution to your customers’ problem
  • attract the attention of the targeted audience and intrigue them to find out more about the subject

#2 One topic per blog post

Your focus should entirely be on one topic in each blog post. If you cover different topics and keywords while writing your blog post, you may have picked the wrong approach to write or you can maybe split up that blog post in two or more pieces.

#3 Education is the key to writing a successful blog

Educate your users.

Educate your users.

By creating content that educates, your users you will not only build trust with your community but also become leaders in your industry. Show your targeted audience that you are the expert that they can reach out to when they want to learn more about the industry you’re a part of or when they want to purchase your product or service.

#4 Regular content publishing

You just can’t expect positive results if you are creating new content for your blog once a month. Based on our experience you need to write at least two blog posts per week. Here are the reasons why:

  • A blog is the best tool for creating new and interesting content for your website.
  • Regular blog posts will make your webpage more relevant by increasing its rank in organic search. The goal of it all is more visits to your web because more visits mean more chances to convert them into leads with whom you can then develop a relationship and eventually convert them into your clients.

#5 Important and relevant content

Create relevant content.

Create relevant content.

It is important to create various content that will be interesting to your target audience and will keep them coming back. What your audience wants is for you to offer them a solution, advice and interesting information which they can share with their friends. With time you will surely be awarded for all the effort put into creating this amazing content.

You don’t know how to create a quality content for your blog? Contact us for some help.

#6 Text formatting

You picked out interesting topic, created a great title and attracted visitors to your blog post, but they haven’t read the text till the end? The most common cause for that is too much text. Think about how much time you take to read other blog posts and you will notice how online readers, unlike those reading a book, look through text faster. They usually scan subtitles, bold text and bullets and don’t stop at every part of text. Big blocks of text can discourage user from further reading. Because of that, you need to format your text with following:

  • appealing title
  • attractive and quality photos
  • links to other sources
  • subtitles and numbers
  • bullets
  • bold text
  • moderate length of text (around 600 words)

As we seen till now, quality content represents one of the key characteristics of successful content marketing. With publishing poor quality content you are only decreasing possibility of  accomplishing your business and marketing goals.